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88-Temple Pilgrimage


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March 3, 2018.  I had a 7 hour Friday all in the air.  I left LAX at Midinight Friday morning and crossed the International Dateline 7 hours later.  The first three legs of my flights to Tokushima went flawlessly.  We left on time and arrived early.  When we got to Tokyo at 5 AM today I could see Mt. Fuji with the full moon setting on top.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get a picture of this.  I then spent an hour working my way through immigrations and customs.  Once I cleared customs I took the Haneda shuttle bus to the domestic terminal for my final leg.  This flight was delayed 95 minutes.  ANA felt bad about this delay and proceeded to give each passenger a crisp 1000 yen bill in a money envelope.

Once I finally arrived in Tokushima I headed up to the Onaruto Bridge in Naruto to see the giant whirlpools.  The weather was a little overcast and I had missed the peak action.  But they were still very interesting.

I rode the bus to my hotel from the whirlpool.  This took about 1.5 hours (it was a local).  I could barely stay awake.  I checked in, cleaned up, and headed out for some dinner.  I found a popular restaurant just down the street.  The pork cutlet was great.  I am now back in my hotel getting ready for bed.  Tomorrow the fun begins.

IMG-3104Pork Cutlet with rice and egg.