Day -1


88-Temple Pilgrimage


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March 1, 2018.  The day has finally arrived when I will depart for my journey.  My wife Betsy and I awoke early (3 AM) nervous about the coming months.  She will be staying behind working furiously during tax season while I will be off to Japan in search of .... I'm not sure.  Everyone has been so encouraging of this trip.  Yet I am still not sure what is compelling me to carry a 15 kg pack for the next two months on a 1200 km hike around the island of Shikoku.

My gear is all packed.  I had coffee with my morning group.  And now I wait for my friend George to pick me up and take me to the airport.  I have four flights to reach my destination of Tokushima (Madison-Denver-LA-Tokyo-Tokushima).  I won’t arrive until 10 AM March 3 local time. I have a room at the Toyoko Inn Tokushima Ekimae for Saturday night.  Since I can’t check in until 4 pm I plan to visit the Naruto whirlpools if the weather is good.