Day - 2


88-Temple Pilgrimage


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March 5, 2018. 

Today just as I was to leave temple six it started to rain.  I got all my rain gear on and headed out 20 minutes later.

Jūrakuji (十楽寺)

It rained all the way to this temple.  I kept looking for some place to eat but never found anything.


Kumataniji (熊谷寺)

Still raining and no food.


Hōrinji (法輪寺)

As I came towards this temple there was a small store.  The owner was getting his vegetables ready and offered me two sweet potatoes and tea as osettai.  They were wonderful.  I met a Japanese couple who live in Seattle.  They said the store outside of the temple gate sold Udon.  I stopped after visiting the temple and had breakfast/lunch.

Hōrinji (法輪寺)

Hōrinji (法輪寺)

Kirihataji (切幡寺)

I got osettai again.  This time it was tea, crackers, and a place to store my backpack while I trudge up the 333 steps to the temple.

Kirihataji (切幡寺)

Kirihataji (切幡寺)

I walked 16.4 miles, climbed 859 feet, and saw five temples.  I made it to the Henro hut and had a great time at the onsen next door.  But, I was too exhausted to go out to dinner with Peter.  This was a big mistake.


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